Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are wax melts?
Wax melts are completely wickless scented pieces of wax. They release their scent when warmed with a wax burner. You simply place your wax melt into your wax burner then light your tea light and enjoy as the scent is released.

What wax do you use?
We use only the highest grade 100% natural soy wax. Natural soy wax is free from parabens and chemicals. It is vegan friendly, cruelty free and is naturally biodegradable.

How much of each wax melt should i use?
After lots of testing we recommend 1/5 of a snap bar or 1- 2 of our individual melts to provide between 2-3 burns of a 4hr tea-light, this provides roughly 12 hrs of fragrance. Our large melts in our gift box collection are designed to be broken into quarters or smaller to suit the well of your wax burner. Never overfill your burner. Always use 2-4hr tea-lights. If you use a maxi tea-light it will give off too much heat and will burn off the fragrance oil in the melt at double the normal rate.

What is the best way to remove wax from the wax burner?
After wax has re-hardened light a tea light in the burner for 30 seconds or so to warm the wax slightly and it should pop out easily.

How do I clean my wax burner?
Warm water with some washing-up liquid is perfect to remove wax residue. Make sure your burner has completely cooled down or is plugged our before cleaning.

What is frosting?
Occasionally white marks can appear on natural soy melts due the nature of the wax. It is a natural characteristic and should not be treated as a flaw. It does not affect the scent throw of wax.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Our aim is to despatch orders within 5 working days of an order being received. You will receive an email once your order is despatched. Please note that once a parcel has been despatched we have no control over it, bearing this in mind, if you have not received your order within ten working days of despatch please let us know.

Do you Ship internationally?
At the minute we are only taking orders within the Republic of Ireland.