Safety Instructions

Safety Information

Here are important safety instructions to ensure you use and enjoy your wax melts safely.
Please read carefully

  • • Always place wax burner on a flat heat resistant surface away from draughts, curtains and other fire hazards.
  • • Remove all packaging before placing wax melt in well of wax burner.
  • • Never overfill your wax burner, our wax melts can be broken into smaller pieces.
  • • Never add water to your burner.
  • • Never leave a wax burner/candle unattended.
  • • Never use maxi tea-lights, use only 2 - 4hr tea-lights.
  • • Do not move burner until it has cooled.
  • • Regularly clean burner and check for cracks or damage.
  • • Do not consume wax melts.
  • • Keep away from children and pets.
  • • Last but not least, enjoy!